Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Converting old to new

Turning a mid 1900's typical factory unit into modern new office space

Works are nearing completion to convert a under utilised factory unit into modern office space and warehousing in Stoke.

With initial space planning and exterior design we helped our client decide where and how to split this large set of small factory units into office space, reception, meeting rooms, welfare facilities, locker rooms and warehouse space.

For this project McCarthy Associates are acting as Designer | Principal Contractor | Project Managers | Cost Managers | Site Manager | Main Contractor | Fit Out Contractor

The image above shows the new insulated roof which replaces the old asbestos sheet roofing and wall cladding which hides the original brick construction. With a modern interior fit out our clients dilapidated site is technically a new facility to them without going to the expense of planning and construct new for them.

These types of buildings can be extremely flexible and add great value to a property portfolio if planned correctly.

If you have a similar need or would like to know how a similar building can be planned, revitalised and what the associated costs might be to do so please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial and free consultation.

Final Build Phase in Sutton Coldfield

Concept to Completion.............

This is the completed shell for our Sutton Coldfield client with just car parking to go.

Our be-spoke design now sits on land already belonging to our client and provides approxiamately 4000sq.ft of additional office space excluding the new welfare facilities block to the rear.

The buildings size, layout, office and welfare facilities were all designed around the current and future needs of our client.

The project came from a conversation of our clients need to expanded their office space, this lead to MAL defining a design brief and then initial space planning drawings.

Space planning turned into budgeting, Local Authority Planning consultancy, detailed design, full plans application, construction and fit out.

As part of our budget calculations, revaluing of the developed land, increased floor space vs. staff costs per sq.ft proved to be the most viable option to increase office space for our client.

If you are in a similar situation please do not hesitate to contact us for an initial and free consultation.